2023-08-03T11:25:21-04:00July 8th, 2022|

I am Pro Law & Order. We will not have strong communities or a strong country without Law & Order. 

I believe in providing ample funding and training needed for law enforcement to be able to protect and provide for the safety of Ottawa County— from the county jail to road patrol, school security, court services, and court house security. This includes providing appropriate pay, benefits, and pension to recruit and retain quality law enforcement professionals at sufficient levels. I would support a current assessment of needs and funding to meet those needs.

I worked with families in the inner city for nearly 7 years, where the presence of law enforcement helped keep neighborhoods, and the families in them, safe. During that time, I became more aware of both the dangers faced by law enforcement personnel, and their power to work for the good of the people they protect. 

While law enforcement officers work hard for our communities, they also desire and deserve to return home safely to their families at night. I do not agree with the progressive movement to vilify law enforcement, to require CRT aligned/DE&I trainings, nor do I support movements to defund the police. Such progressive efforts are demoralizing to our law enforcement personnel and divisive to our communities.

I believe in holding a standard of excellence in all services, and empowering people to meet that standard.