Right to Life of Michigan PAC

Right to Life

Sylvia Rhodea received the sole endorsement for County Commissioner, District 8.

No other candidate running for District 8, Allendale, is endorsed by Right to Life.

Ottawa County Republican Party

Ottawa County Republican Party

Sylvia Rhodea received the sole endorsement for County Commissioner, District 8.

No other Republican candidate running for District 8 is endorsed by the Republican Party.

Barb Vander Veen

Former Allendale Trustee, Former State Representative

“Once again my choice for District 8 County Commissioner is Sylvia Rhodea. She has proven herself in standing STRONG for Ottawa County families’ freedoms!! Sylvia is a knowledgeable, wise, dedicated servant. I have found her easily accessible for discussion on issues I’m passionate or concerned about!

If you’re undecided, I urge you to check out her record at sylviarhodea.com. Join me on August 6 in voting for freedom & family candidate SYLVIA RHODEA.”

Luke Meerman

State Representative, District 88

“It is my honor to endorse candidate Sylvia Rhodea for District 8 Ottawa County Commissioner. Sylvia has the ear of the people, and exercises discernment and courage in tackling tough issues. She has a great understanding of local and state government and how to effect change. Sylvia has led efforts to protect students in our schools, as well as to protect the constitutional rights of individuals, families, businesses and schools in Ottawa County. She has my full support!”

Dr. Jim Johnson Ph.D.

Former Executive Director of Holland/Zeeland Right to Life

“It is an honor to endorse Sylvia Rhodea for re-election to the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners – District 8. Sylvia has performed her first term with integrity and steadfastness. She believes in Life, Faith, Family and Freedom; and has stepped up to make a difference for good during a tumultuous time in our country’s history. My family and I are thankful that Sylvia is working on our behalf in Ottawa County. I encourage you to vote and help re-elect Sylvia for another term as District 8 – Ottawa County Commissioner.”

Tom McMillin

Member of State Board of Education, Former State Representative

“I know that Sylvia Rhodea will defend Ottawa citizens’ rights. We have seen over the past couple years that many so-called Republicans won’t do that. Sylvia is trustworthy and will do a great job as a County Commissioner.”

Candy Kraker

Allendale Charter Township Trustee

“Sylvia Rhodea is a woman who truly seeks God’s leading in her life choices. She is a woman of integrity, a fighter, who values our God given freedoms, and fights to protect our rights. We have been truly blessed to have her on the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners! She is the leader Allendale Charter Township truly needs…she represents us well and will always value our children, our veterans, and our community as a whole.”

Jared Schuitema

Business Owner

“Sylvia is a leader who understands what time it is, and how important it is to fight for faith, family, and freedom. She’s fiscally conservative, unabashedly pro-life, and can be counted on to make sure our tax dollars are being utilized effectively. She’s the commissioner we need to continue the good work already started.”

Brandon Holstege

Graduate, APS Class of 2022

“Sylvia has shown she is a true patriot, willing to stand behind her Christian conservative beliefs. She will continue to make Ottawa county a county where freedom and family are a top priority. Protecting the unborn, allowing parents voices to be heard and honoring our veterans will be fought for with passion and dedication. She is the strong Christian leader that our county needs. Pray and vote for Sylvia!”

Ronnie Allen


“I am so thankful for Sylvia Rhodea, and all the work she has put in over the past two years. Sylvia has worked to return the county to what the PEOPLE want, rather than what special interest groups and progressive “non”-government orgs want. Sylvia is knowledgeable, and she examines her choices and decisions from all angles. Sylvia is extremely hard working – a relentless advocate – yet gentle and empathic. She speaks the truth in love, and I appreciate that about her. She is assertive and honest, yet also embodies humility. If there ever was anyone to stand up to the progressive left, as well as be a voice of reason to those on her ‘side,’ she is that commissioner.”


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