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Sylvia Rhodea received the sole endorsement for County Commissioner, District 8.

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No other candidate running for District 8, Allendale, is endorsed by Right to Life.

Barb Vander Veen

Allendale Trustee, Former State Representative

“My choice for District 8 County Commissioner is Sylvia Rhodea. She has proven herself in standing STRONG for Ottawa County families’ freedoms!! Sylvia is a knowledgeable, wise, dedicated servant. If you’re undecided, I urge you to check out her record @ sylviarhodea.com. It’s time for a change! Join me on Aug. 2 in voting for freedom & family candidate SYLVIA RHODEA.”

Luke Meerman

State Representative, District 88

“It is my honor to endorse candidate Sylvia Rhodea for District 8 Ottawa County Commissioner. Sylvia has the ear of the people, and exercises discernment and courage in tackling tough issues. She has a great understanding of local and state government and how to effect change. Sylvia has led efforts to protect students in our schools, as well as to protect the constitutional rights of individuals, families, businesses and schools in Ottawa County. She has my full support!”

Dr. Jim Johnson

Former Executive Director of Holland/Zeeland Right to Life

“It is my pleasure to endorse candidate Sylvia Rhodea for District 8 County Commissioner. Sylvia is courageous and smart and will be a part of a new wave of energy, wisdom and reform that restores basic constitutional rights to our children, and all individuals, families, businesses and schools in Ottawa County. She loves Life and Freedom for sure and for certain! We need her representation as the District 8 County Commissioner. Help elect her!

Tom McMillin

Member of State Board of Education, Former State Representative

“I know that Sylvia Rhodea will defend Ottawa citizens’ rights. We have seen over the past couple years that many so-called Republicans won’t do that. Sylvia is trustworthy and will do a great job as a County Commissioner.”

Candy Kraker

Allendale Charter Township Trustee

“Sylvia Rhodea is a woman who truly seeks God’s leading in her life choices.  She is a woman of integrity, a fighter, who values our God given freedoms, and will fight to protect our families from poor decisions made at our County level!  We would be truly blessed to have her on the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners!  She is the leader that Allendale Charter Township needs…she will represent us well!”

Jared Schuitema

Business Owner

“Sylvia Rhodea is a leader with integrity and passion.  She fights for those who have no voice.  I’ve worked side by side with her and her knowledge of the issues, her passion for our God-Given rights is unmatched.  Sylvia is a God-fearing local leader who you NEED in your corner.  I’m honored to be able to vote for her on August 2!”

Brandon Holstege

Graduate, APS Class of 2022

“Sylvia has a true passion for doing what is right, even if she is the only one. She will work hard to improve Ottawa county as a whole and will always work for the people! She is a follower of Christ, patriot, and family woman. Voting her in as county commissioner would allow parental rights back into schools and allow parents to stand up for children and what is right for the children. Pray and vote for Sylvia on August 2!”

Lanae Monera

“It is my honor to endorse my longtime friend, Sylvia Rhodea, for Ottawa County commissioner. For years, she has fought to protect our children’s innocence and advocated for the rights of parents. She is staunchly pro-life and is the only candidate in our district to be endorsed by Right to Life. As a woman of faith, she will lead with integrity. Please join me in voting for Sylvia Rhodea on August 2. She understands that our God-given, constitutionally protected rights are not suspended in times of crisis.”

Ronnie Allen

“Connecting with Sylvia in the summer of 2020, as I sought understanding and direction in a time of chaos in the world, was pivotal for me. As I’ve gotten to know her over the past two years, I have realized not only how knowledgeable Sylvia is, but also how trustworthy. She is honest to her core, regardless of what that feels like. The integrity I see in her comes from a genuine humility to her Creator and His plan for her. Sylvia has so much to offer Ottawa County as a commissioner while representing Allendale, and I am so honored to be her friend and to vote for her on August 2!”

Emily Underhill

“Sylvia and I have been working side by side for over a year now and words can’t describe how much she has sacrificed to stand up for your children and your parental rights. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. She is real. She is honest. She loves Jesus. She loves America. She will always stand up for the Constitution, our God-given rights and our freedoms. We love her and thank her for all she has already done for Ottawa and beyond. On Tuesday, AUGUST 2, VOTE Sylvia Rhodea for Ottawa County Commissioner!”


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