2022-06-28T10:45:34-04:00June 28th, 2022|

I am excited to be running for County Commissioner for District 8 in Allendale Township! I am asking for your support in the primary election on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, when Allendale has the opportunity to choose a Republican candidate who will protect the freedoms, parental rights and American values of our community.

The past two years have taught us politics are personal. We may not always be interested in politics, but politics are interested in us! It has become clear Ottawa County needs new leaders who will stop government overreach and protect the freedoms of our churches, businesses, schools, parents, and children.

I am Pro-America, Pro-Freedom, and Pro-Life— the only candidate endorsed by Right to Life in this race.

Despite 10 of 11 county commissioners professing to be Republicans, Ottawa County government has been infiltrated by the left. This is evidenced by the county’s promotion of Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion resources, as well as the creation of a county DE&I Department promoting progressive organizations and divisive teachings from Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Given the lack of protection on life issues within county government, Right to Life has taken the unprecedented step of not endorsing any current Ottawa County Commissioner, including my opponent.

We need bold, principled and discerning leaders to restore constitutional freedoms and hold the government accountable to the People. We need elected officials to lead with Conservative values and uphold the Republican party platform, rather than allowing and/or promoting progressive agendas within county bureaucracy. Defending life has been and will continue to be one of my top priorities.

I love the people of Allendale and I love America. As your next county commissioner, I will work hard to protect the things we hold dear.

Please join me in sharing our message with our community as we enter the final month of this election! Together, WE can restore Ottawa County.

You can donate online to support my campaign and request a sign, or volunteer with my campaign. You can connect with me on Facebook at @SylviaRhodeaforOCC.